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Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Glass Bottle

Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Glass Bottle

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Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Glass-Parent
  • Acqua Panna Natural Mineral Water in Glass bottle in different pack, eye-catching graphics make it a unique example of an Italian style that can transform any moment into a special occasion.
  • Purity, freshness, and transparency are all contained in a charming still mineral water bottle in 100% recyclable glass.
  • The smooth taste partner you can rely on, enjoy Acqua Panna, and its smoothness alongside your favorite foods.
  • An Italian brand of bottled water and one of the world’s largest bottled water brands.

Still Mineral Water from Acqua Panna bottled in a minimal and well-designed glass bottle that embodies the unchanging beauty of Tuscany. Acqua Panna is one of the still natural mineral waters that harmonize with all cultures and best accompanies every dish. The unique qualities of the mineral water are achieved because of the geography, geology and climate of Tuscany, the land of unconstrained, timeless beauty. The water in Tuscany flows fresh, limpid and pure which makes it among the best that has ever been bottled.


Ingredients: Still Mineral Water from Tuscany


Nutrition–Typical Values:

Calcium: 32.2 mg/L, Magnesium: 6.5 mg/L, Sodium: 6.6 mg/L, Sulphate: 22 mg/L, Bicarbonate: 106 mg/L, Chloride: 7.8 mg/L. Potassium: 0.8 mg/L, Nitrate: 2.9 mg/L, Silica Residue: 6.9 mg/L, Total Dissolved Solids (at 180°C): 141 mg/L and pH: 8.0.


Care and Use:

Store in a clean, cool, dry and odorless place, away from direct sunlight. Also, do not freeze the bottles. And to enjoy its exceptional qualities fully, the recommended serving temperature is 10-12°C.

Brand Name
Storage Conditions
Room temperature
  • Bottled at the source in Tuscany, its origins provide the water with a unique composition of minerals for a great taste.
  • Smooth, crisp and balanced bottle water to bring an extra layer of refinement to your own table.
  • It's so popular among discerning food enthusiasts.
  • Acqua Panna is an Italian brand of bottled water and one of the world's largest bottled water brands.
  • Bottled at the source in Tuscany.

The smallest of all our formats, the glass bottle with screw cap is just the right amount of refreshment alongside a light meal and the perfect format for parties and friendly gatherings. Bottled directly at the Acqua Panna spring in the Mugello mountains in Tuscany, Acqua Panna water has a naturally occurring, unique mineral balance that gives it a smooth taste that is loved by everyone.
Keep one in the drink holder of your car, bag or backpack, and let the smoothness of Acqua Panna accompany you everyday on all your exciting journeys near and far. All glass bottles are 100% recyclable.

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