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Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Plastic Bottle

Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Plastic Bottle

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Acqua Panna Mineral Water in Bottle-Parent
  • Bottled at the source in Tuscany, its origins provide the water with a unique composition of minerals for a great taste.
  • Still Natural mineral water.
  • Sourced from Tuscany, Italy.
  • Refreshing taste and velvety-smooth finish.
  • Packaged in stylish recyclable plastic bottles.
  • Perfect for hydration on-the-go.


Acqua Panna is a fine quality still natural mineral water, sourced from the Tuscany region in Italy, known for its unique mineral composition. It captures the very essence of the Italian lifestyle, tradition and elegance and provides a superior taste recognized by international chefs and sommeliers all over the world. With its refreshing taste and velvety-smooth finish, it also enhances the flavours of the world’s finest food.

Further, it is bottled at a source in a plant in Tuscany to make sure its natural purity remains intact and you can enjoy a lively, thirst-quenching experience with every sip. Available in bright, eye-catching plastic bottle packaging, which is 100% recyclable and BPA-free, it is perfect to take with you in your purse or backpack for hydration on-the-go.



  • Natural mineral water.


  • Nutrition–Typical Values:
  • Calcium: 32.2 mg/L, Magnesium: 6.5 mg/L, Sodium: 6.6 mg/L, Sulphate: 22 mg/L, Bicarbonate: 106 mg/L, Chloride: 7.8 mg/L. Potassium: 0.8 mg/L, Nitrate: 2.9 mg/L, Silica Residue: 9 mg/L, Total Dissolved Solids (at 180°C): 141 mg/L and pH: 8.0.



Care and Use:

Store in a clean, cool, dry and odourless place, away from direct sunlight. Also, do not freeze the bottles. And to enjoy its exceptional qualities fully, the recommended serving temperature is 10-12°C.

Brand Name
Storage Conditions
Room temperature
  • Smooth, crisp and balanced bottle water to bring an extra layer of refinement to your own table.
  • It's so popular among discerning food enthusiasts.
  • Acqua Panna is an Italian brand of bottled water and one of the world's largest bottled water brands.
  • Bottled at the source in Tuscany.


The freshness of Acqua Panna from the springs in the Mugello mountains arrives directly to you in a new, stylish bottle perfect for any casual occasion, indoors and out.

The classic Vichy shape and the eye-catching graphics make it the stylish Italian that will turn heads wherever you go.
A 1 L PET bottle with a screw cap has been specially designed for on-the-go lifestyles so that it can accompany you on all your exciting journeys. It is also the perfect size for sharing at the table with your favorite foods.
The PET bottle is 100% recyclable, so do the right thing and keep nature’s journey continue the right way.



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