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Automated Sushi Machine

Automated Sushi Machine

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Automatic Sushi Roll Cutter

Increased capacity and improved safety features. Easy to set up and clean; easy to replace cutting blade. Front cover equipped with safety sensor. Cuts rolls of up to 60 mm diameter.

  • Designed for safe operation and easy cleaning.
  • Cutting unit can be designed on a custom order basis. Standard cutting unit can prepare 6 or 8 180-mm dia. pieces.
  • Wide cutting table allows three small rolls (Hosomaki) to be sliced at the same time.
  • Compact and lightweight design is highly portable.
  • Can cut both Norimaki and Uramaki (inside-out roll).

WEIGHT: Approx. 17Kg (include cutting table & frame).

POWER CORD: 2 m Comes with CE, BF, and UL-type plugs.

Brand Name
Product Origin
Model name
Product Condition
Small roll (25mm): Approx. 2200 rolls/hour (4 rolls at one time), Medium roll (35mm): 1100 rolls/hour (2 rolls at one time) Large roll (46-60mm): 550 rolls/hour (1 roll at one time)
Power & Voltage Requirements
380x320x476mm (WxDxH)
Installation Service Conditions
yes, installation, testing and commissioning in the UAE
2 years

Sharp cutting edge for clean slicing

Automatic roll sushi cutter


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