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Charcoal grill

Charcoal grill

Special Price AED 26,820.00 Regular Price AED 29,800.00
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RM SE 115

Traditional Japanese Grill with elevating system

Terms and conditions:

Payment: 50% advance with order confirmation and balance against delivery and installation.

Delivery: The lead time required for delivery of the unit will be approximately 8-10 weeks subject to prior after receipt of all necessary commercial and technical approval, purchase order and advance payment.

Brand Name
Product Origin
Model name
RM SE 115
Product Condition
Power & Voltage Requirements
1145 x 445 x 1030 mm (WxDxH)
Installation Service Conditions
yes, installation, testing and commissioning in the UAE
2 years

Our latest creation is the new MIBRASA® Open Grill. State-of-the-art engineering respecting the most ancient, pure and simple culinary techniques. The kitchen with open fire, stripped of all artifice.

Ever since man discovered fire, we have continued to be fascinated by its power, and we have continued to search for ways to work with the oldest cooking method in the world.

Since the beginning, all cultures and regions have developed their own culinary techniques through fire. At MIBRASA® we have influenced all of them to design our own.

With open fire and a large, open, and lift-able cooking surface, the new MIBRASA® Open Grill offers maximum versatility. The grilling lifting system allows the chef to place the food at the exact distance on the grill for optimal cooking.

Its refractory base ensures total energy efficiency. The quality of the materials, the ergonomics and its design give the chef durability, comfort, and perfect cooking.

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