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Earth`s Finest Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil-500 ml

Earth`s Finest Organic Extra Virgin Raw Coconut Oil-500 ml

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Ingredients: Organically harvested cold-pressed coconuts from certified plantations in Sri Lanka.

Product Specifications:

Description: All organic extra virgin raw coconut oil for cooking and baking purposes.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Flavour: The oil contains the natural aroma of coconut which gives it a creamy and lactonic, to toasted and sweet, to fatty and fresh flavour.

Earth's finest organic extra virgin and organic virgin coconut oils are extracted from fresh coconuts that are harvested from organically certified plantations in sri lanka. The finest coconuts are handpicked and the extracted white flesh is immediately cold pressed to give nutritious and aromatic organic virgin and extra virgin coconut oil.

Brand Name
Earth`s Finest
Product Origin
Sri Lanka
500 ml
Storage Conditions
Room temperature

Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil is known to have such a wide range of health benefits and possible uses that it is seen by many as a miracle of nature. However, many coconut oil products are heavily processed, stripping this extraordinary food of its nutrients and impairing its subtle yet delicious flavour. Earth's Finest Organic Extra-Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is cold-pressed from the white meat of responsibly-sourced coconuts and carefully filtered to remove impurities before being preserved in an airtight glass jar. Unlike traditional coconut oil, our Extra-Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is unbleached, unrefined and undeodorised, meaning it retains the unique health benefits and pleasant taste of fresh coconuts. At Earth’s Finest we aim to bring you Mother Nature’s goodness through organic and natural products from our certified organic plantations directly to your kitchen. This product contains a wide range of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. In particular, it is an excellent medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) source, including caprylic, capric and lauric acid. It is also naturally 100% cholesterol-free. Earth’s Finest Organic Extra-Virgin Raw Coconut Oil is ideal as a coconut oil for skin or hair. It is high in lauric acid and can work wonders as a hydrating face oil, makeup remover, nail strengthener, aromatherapy carrier oil or as a mask to protect hair against damage. Add it to bath water to soothe dry skin, use it as a stretch mark treatment or incorporate it into your oil pulling and teeth whitening routine. This high-grade edible coconut oil is suitable for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, gluten-free and dairy-free diets, making it ideal for professional and home use. Our organic coconut oil is unfractionated, so it can naturally solidify in cooler temperatures. For liquid coconut oil, simply warm the amount required to achieve your desired consistency.

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