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Hotmix PRO 5Stars Thermal Mixer

Hotmix PRO 5Stars Thermal Mixer

AED 22,394.00
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HotmixPRO 5 Stars is part of the new sub-range of machines for big quantities.
This new model has the same outstanding performances of the others, with the great added value of a 5 lts bowl!

If you need to serve a lot of people, or to prepare big quantities in advance, HotmixPRO 5 Stars is the right choice for you; with its huge 5-liters bowl, it is the biggest tabletop thermal mixer on the market.

Ideal for all those professionals who need to serve lots of people; for example catering, hotels, hospitals, marriages…
But 5 liters give you enough space to use it also as an effective sous-vide machine. Thanks to the brand new “sous-vide support”, any HotmixPRO can be turned in a perfect low-temperature-cooking powerhouse. And with 5 liters of capacity, you can take maximum advantage of this new awesome feature.


Brand Name
Hotmix PRO
Product Origin
Model name
Product Condition
4.9L, Speeds: 0-8000 rpm
Power & Voltage Requirements
1 year

HotmixPRO is the most advanced range of professional solutions for every professional’s kitchen.

With their many, exclusive features, HotmixPRO machines are one of today’s most technologically advanced solutions to make the Chefs’ lives easier. Think of a kitchen tool that remembers your recipes and is able to reproduce them. Without your intervention.

The HotmixPRO range offers total accuracy and predictability when choosing the production settings, to grant maximum freedom to the user.

For example, our thermal mixers are able to control the cooking temperature with the same precision that you could exert, with 1°C of accuracy; mix up to 16’000 rpm; cook up to  +190°C (+374°F), and even cool down to -24c (-11f). All in one.

HotmixPRO Giaz, instead, our latest product, can turn a frozen ice cream base into fresh, finely portioned ice cream, in a matter of seconds and with no waste whatsoever; furthermore, to grant you the highest possible freedom, you’ll be able to (optionally) set all your parameters manually: blades rotation speed, blades vertical speed in the frozen product, and much more.

Do you think, as we do, that your kitchen could find a valuable help in such a tool?

Discover the endless possibilities of HotmixPRO, and see which model is fit for your needs!

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