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VITO 80 - The world ‘s best in-tank pressure oil filtration system!
VITO 80 is suitable for all fryers upwards from 10l (18 lbs).

Filtration power: up to 80 l/min 176 lbs/min

Filtration efficiency: up to 5 ųm 0.2 ų inch

Particle uptake: 2,5 kg | 5.5 lbs

Work cycle: 4,5 min

Suction depth: ~ 45 cm ~ 17.7 in

Weight: 9,2kg

Temperature: max. 200°C max. 392°F

Material VITO: Stainless steel 1.4301


Additional features:

• The VITO 80 can operate in deep fryers at service temperature
• Removable twin metal sheet filters for high volume filtration


VITO 80 is the go-to model when you have two or more fryers of any size. Frying a mix of foods generating heavier sediment demands a second the stage of filtration and 60% extra power Germany built right into the VITO 80. Kitchens with banks of 2-8 fryers, 35-80 lb capacity rely on the VITO 80 in over 100 countries around the world.
VITO 80 cleans the oil and provides an easy and hygienic filtration in the kitchen. Like every VITO oil filter system, the VITO 80 provides a microfiltration up to 5 μm (0,2 μin). As an additional feature no chemicals are needed to clean the oil, which preserves the optimal taste of the fried dishes. The unique design makes sure the VITO can handle temperatures up to 200°C (392°F) and provides highest safety at work, because of avoiding direct contact with the hot oil. After filtration, the oil can be immediately used for frying again.

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Power & Voltage Requirements
with drip pan: 210x324x550 mm (WxDxH) without drip pan: 116x185x487 mm (WxDxH)
6 months

How does the VITO Oil Filtering System work?

VITO simply drops IN your deep fryer at FULL operating temperature during your regular business hours. Its runs on a self timer for 5 minutes and will micro filter your frying oil contaminates including CARBON. At the end of the cycle you simply move it into your next fryer. We recommend this process after your major rush cycle for best results.

Safe to use and so easy to clean, submersible parts go right in your dishwasher ONLY when you need to change the filter.

The result… better tasting food, much healthier food and significantly prolonged oil life

How does the VITO Oil Filtration System SAVE me so much money?

As you deep-fry particles of food are left in your fryer (batter, breading, even proteins). This debris continues to cook, eventually turning into CARBON a known carcinogenic (an item related to cancer development). Carbon along with byproducts of frying remain in your oil causing it to break down more rapidly generating bad flavor, oil discolouration and eventually smoke. Removing the food from the oil on a consistent basis through microfiltering stops the cooking process and formation of unwanted by products such as carbon which rob you of cooking oil life and have a negative effect on the food you serve.

The benefits are all positive; your foods will taste better, they will be much healthier to eat and you'll significantly prolong the life of your oil while serving a consistently better product. Our customer report 40% to 50% longer oil life when used as recommended.

Will VITO Oil Filtration work in my kitchen?

VITO is amazing at maintaing any oil or shortening you use such as: Vegetable OIL, Canola OIL (trans fat free or not), Sunflower OIL, Shortening, Beef Drippings, FryMax and any other hybrid frying liquids.

VITO is also happy to filter fryers powered by Gas, Propane, and Electricity.

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