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Bravo Whipper Ice Cream Machine

Bravo Whipper Ice Cream Machine

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Top and Minitop are whipped cream machines of the latest generation. Their bodies
completely made of stainless steel grant the highest hygiene standards. The inner tank is
cooled to keep the cream at the preservation temperature ready to
be whipped. Special pump to allow the whipping up of both vegetable
and animal cream. The cream packaging can be directly connected to
the pump to keep the cream cold (bain-marie) and to not dirty the

Advantages and strengths
• Whipped Cream is always at the proper temperature
• Highest hygiene standards
• Proper volume whipped cream
• Easy setting of cream volume overrun in a range from 1 to
8, accordingly to its final use
• Less air for your Mousses, Bavarian creams and so on....
• Much more air for your decorations and stuffings
• Direct connection to the sac à poche bag available

Technical features
• Dispensing closure valve
• Electronic temperature control
• Directly refrigerated removable tank
• Control foot pedal for continuous dispensing (mod. TOP)
• Internal pipe easy to clean

Brand Name
Product Origin
Model name
Product Condition
4 L
Power & Voltage Requirements
220x530x470 mm
Installation Service Conditions
Installation, Testing and Commissioning is included
1 year

BRAVO, founded in 1967, is a leading supplier of Italian gelato and pastry production equipment. Bravo’s history is built upon innovative products and successful ideas. BRAVO supports ice-cream and, pastry chefs, in maintaining a top quality production, offering excellent, genuine Italian Gelato and pastries.
BRAVO exports the Trittico® philosophy, a revolutionary machine that, all-in-one, serves as a batch freezer, pasteurizer, pastry and confectionery producer. BRAVO Trittico combines the time-honored mastery of artisanal preparation with 21st Century technology.

BRAVO Trittico allows to produce fine pastry quickly and consistently. It reduces labor demand and, more importantly, allows pastry chefs to focus, differentiating their production from competitors.

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